How Firm Should Your Mattress Be

When it comes to the firmness of a mattress there is no magic firmness that fits everyone. As lovely as that would be, how firm your mattress should be comes down to individual preference. Having said that, there are a few indicators that will tell you whether you want to look for something a little firmer or a little softer than your last mattress. While visiting shops and testing them out is a great way to know what you like, you’re best off going in with a good idea of what best suits your body and the way you sleep.

The position you sleep in plays a big part in deciding how firm you need your mattress and that is because you’ll need support in different parts of your body depending on the position you sleep in. For most people that sleep on their side, a softer mattress is generally best as it helps the mattress to allow grooves for the hips and legs to fit into while still offering good support for the rest of your frame. Similarly, for people that sleep on their back they will often prefer a firmer mattress as a mattress that is too soft will form pressure points on your back, causing more pain than a new mattress should.

While your sleeping position accounts for a large amount of the firmness that best suits you there are other factors that you need to consider. While your weight might not seem like a thing of importance for choosing the firmness of a mattress, it can actually affect the way your mattress feels and so you might end up having to buy something a little harder or softer than one might expect. In particular, a lighter sleeper that wants a soft mattress might end up buying something that is softer than a heavier sleeper going for the same feel. It is all down to how much you sink into the mattress due to the weight you apply.

While the majority of people prefer a fairly medium level of firmness, if this doesn’t suit you then you should find something that is right. You might want something softer but be prepared for your tastes to change over the years. Indeed, older people tend to prefer firmer mattresses and over the age of 40, you might find your preference changes every 8-10 years anyway!

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